Belle Luna Vie is a personal and intimate project that stemmed from a growing discomfort in seeing the definition of beauty or what constitutes to a beautiful person, be valued or measured by use of cosmetics, extreme dieting or other unhealthy fixations. 

I wanted to provide a platform where conversations can be had with some of the beautiful people in my life in discussing their diet, health and life philosophies in hope to inspire us all that the idea of healing and beauty - whether it be skin, hair, face, weight or mental illness, is the measure of how we balance and centre our lives through the attention and care we pay into what we put “inside” of us and how we “live”  and not what we  abuse or buy into to fixate on everything which exists “outside” of us, such as cosmetics, surgery, clothing or dieting etc.

The connection between inner beauty and peace with that of food, a healthy diet and philosophy for me is palpable and it became important to me as I continued to see those around me get sick with illness and disease - whether it be something as simple as acne or weight gain to something more severe such as diabetes, thyroid disfunction or mental anxiety/depression.

I find the majority of us today, especially as our lives move faster and information is shared quicker than ever before, are completely unaware of making the mind and body connection between skin/acne, hair loss, weight problems along with mental diseases such as anxiety/depression and physical illness, from the simple solution and idea that, “we are what we eat” and "we become what we think" literally. 

I hope to shed some positivity and light in a world that seems to move faster and faster with fixes that come quicker and cheaper and really draw our attention back into reshaping the definition surrounding what makes someone beautiful by educating that beauty is a reflection of what we choose to feed ourselves and how we manage our inner health.

Our outer appearances act as a mirror that reflects and projects our internal motions outwards and I truly believe food, balance and a good foundation of moral life and spiritual philosophies is really one, (if not the only) major drug to achieving outer beauty, glow and mental stability - happiness. 

Hopefully, these conversations can inspire you to consume and obsess less about what you apply/put on/wear/fixate on the outside, but care more for what you feed/nurture/transform on the inside. Belle Luna Vie hopes to make us all question our priorities and draw our focus to consuming less and caring more for the things that really matter and need our attention. Always look within.