Depression, anxiety & grief - beautiful talk by Marianne Williamson about embracing depression and human suffering

Marianne Williamson says we live in a world today where we thrive on "pathologizing human suffering" and in turn neglect the basic human right of embracing sadness, depression, anxiety and grief as emotions that are normal in the spectrum of living a human life.

I wanted to share this beautiful talk between spiritual catalyst Marianne Williamson who never fails to amaze me with her endless wisdom and her conversation with business entrepreneur Marie Forleo. She talks about owning and embracing our depression and anxieties as a normal part of our life that does not need to be medicated entirely or pathologized. In no way is she preaching as a medical doctor or an expert, but how today we should adopt a more "sober" approach of how we get on medication and off medication. 

Once I moved to New York - and I still don't know if its the city or whether it was by coincidence, I have never in my life met so many people in my path that suffered from anxiety and depression. I suppose with everything thats going on with the world it only seems fair and normal, with televised terrorism, suffering, shootings and epidemics, then with social media, technology, staring at phone and computer screens all day paired hand in hand with the decline and poisoning in the quality of our foods and produce - the strange thing wasn't so much all that - that all seemed to make sense. The strange thing was the amount of people that were so quick to victimize, diagnose and medicate themselves as "depressed" and "anxious" before taking even a minute to reflect - on their lifestyle, life and maybe certain traumatising events that brought upon these wave of emotions, and allowing themselves the space and time to ask questions and see if these feelings evaporated or stayed. What I was seeing that didn't seem quite normal to me was seeing more and more people so quick to turn themselves onto pharmaceutical drugs and chemical substances that capitalized on a very basic human need and emotion by selling us the idea that feeling sad is not indeed normal and if you do then something must be wrong with you and is in fact a health condition that needs treating. In no way am I saying these drugs have no place in our world and I respect those that have chosen to prescribe to them and know many who have found relief and help in overcoming dire conditions.

This video however was a beautiful breath of fresh air on a sensitive subject and really placed depression and anxiety into a realistic perspective. I hope many of you feeling down and out or those of you who have never been able to understand the reason as to why you've had to share space with the feelings of depression and melancholy in your life can watch this video and find some understanding, sympathy and belief.

Belle Luna Vie