Healing your life & diseases through your diet - a lecture by Markus Rothkranz that speaks so many truths and will change your life

"True health does not come from "what do I take?" It comes when you stop doing what caused the problems in the first place. This means not just learning to eat the way nature intended, but also having the courage to say goodbye to all the negative things in our life and follow the path we are destined for. We must have the courage to lose the negative people, relationships and jobs that drain our energy." - Markus Rothkranz

Markus Rothkranz may seem crazy, and I think he is. But he is one man in my opinion that hits the nail on the head every time and has spoken so many truths about healing your life and disease through health and nutrition and has changed a lot of the way I think, see and eat today. This lecture spans over two hours but if its of interest to you - either you want to expand your mind or you're stuck in a time of contraction where you feel emotionally hopeless - either overeating, overweight, recovering from eating disorders or simply just stuck in that pinnacle point between contraction and life expansion (a sudden feeling of wanting drastic change) - then open your mind without judgement and enjoy this talk that changed a lot of my life and my perspective on health.

I recommend this to anyone who has faced a lot of health issues whether its to do with weight, skin or your mental health and perhaps seeking a different and holistic set of answers to questions that have not been able to be tended by a medical practitioner, therapist or friends and family.

Belle Luna Vie