Dear readers
 Happy 2017!

I wanted to provide a platform where conversations can be had with some of the beautiful people in my life in discussing their diet, health and life philosophies in hope to inspire us all that the idea of healing and beauty - whether it be skin, hair, face, weight or mental illness, is the measure of how we balance and centre our lives through the attention and care we pay into what we put “inside” of us and how we “live”  and not what we  abuse or buy into to fixate on everything “outside” of us, such as cosmetics, surgery, dieting or other unhealthy fixations.

I find the majority of us today, especially as our lives move faster and information is shared quicker than ever before, are completely unaware of making the mind and body connection, between skin/acne, hair loss, weight problems along with mental diseases such as anxiety/depression and physical illness, from the simple solution and idea that, “we are what we eat” and "we become what we think" literally. I hope you enjoy this months new features and the new and improved look of Belle Luna Vie. Sending love and metta - enjoy.


rhiannon yarrow, pr beauty director
new york

Talks positive mental health and how falling in love can greatly effect a woman's self esteem, and how she became to reevaluate every life desire after turning thirty and the importance of finding harmony in relationships with food. 

georgia pratt, model
new york

Talks about food, women, body image, dealing with pressures and the importance and psychological effects your immediate role models have in establishing your relationship with your body and your self esteem.   


kazusa jibiki, restaurateur of lovely day
new york

Talks healing gastritis through macrobiotic nutrition and balanced eating, the importance in eating rituals and mental health - to appreciate the idea of letting go and ageing gracefully.



Jeanette montgomery barron, photographer, New YOrk
talks positive mental health in striving creatively

Conversation contrasting the New York art world in the 80s to whats happening today and why its so important for our mental health to continue to strive and practice our creativity.

marie sophie lockhart, founder of lockhart embroidery, New YOrk
talks healing through love & spirituality

Conversation about love, spirituality and unlocking new passages in the mind with marijuana and treating anxiety, and how weight loss and your relationship with eating all comes down to the power of the mind and your state of happiness.   



sabrina de sousa, restaurateur of dimes, New York
talks cleansing, holistic healing & nutrition

Talks parasite cleanses, eating your colours and the importance of sourcing your food locally and mindfully as well as her introduction to herbal remedies and holistic healing.